itialuS Continues its Global Service Expansion

itialuS extends its service offering by gaining Carlos Picos Group as the newest member of its network – the latest step in itialuS’ vision of expanding its presence globally.

Following the meeting between itialuS Founder and CEO Mr. Ahmad Sulaiti and Carlos Picos Group’s owner, Mr. Carlos Picos (along with its senior management) in Argentina last week, itialuS announced that the group has decided to become part of the itialuS network.

Based Montevideo in Uruguay and branch in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Carlos Picos Group joined the itialuS franchise as a ‘Master Franchisee’, wherein it will take ownership of the itialuS network’s expansion and presence in South America. To best serve the South American market, Carlos Picos will help grow itialuS local footprint in South America by providing customers with increased availability and accessibility to a broad array of itialuS services in HR, finance, and VAT designed to deliver faster and wider service.

Being a Master Franchisee, Carlos Picos Group will also be in charge of identifying organizations who can act as ‘area franchisees’ within each South American country and to support the growth and development of each region.

In the coming weeks, the legal and commercial agreement between the two companies shall formally take place, followed by technical training of the workforce. Lastly, itialuS and Carlos Picos will work closely to develop and agree a milestone plan illustrating the countries and network expansion within the coming year.