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Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on the majority of business expenses incurred by companies who travel to do business inside of territory of the United Kingdom, European Union, Switzerland, and Norway. The TAX Authorities in these countries have allowed foreign companies to recover the VAT paid on their business expenses in order to promote foreign trade and investment. Unfortunately, VAT worth billions of Euro remains unclaimed by companies who are unaware that they can recover this VAT or are deterred by the cumbersome procedures associated with the process of recovery.

Business expenses on which VAT can be reclaimed
  • Hotels/Accommodation including related expenses such as food & beverages
  • Conference, Exhibition & Event Attendance and Participation
  • Professional/Consultancy Fees
  • Intercompany Fee/Information Office Expenses
  • Data & colocation Services
  • Aviation and Import VAT
  • Movie/Television production and Broadcasting Costs
  • Tooling and Warranty Costs, and many more…

itialuS makes it convenient for your business to reclaim all eligible VAT by facilitating the VAT recovery process from the start to finish. Years of experience in the VAT recovery industry has enabled us to establish a set of procedures that ensure your claims are maximized and processed in the shortest possible time frame. We will also assist your company in ensuring compliance with international VAT laws and manage VAT registrations, where required.

  • One-stop solution for all Foreign VAT Reclaims from over 40 countries
  • Time tested processes for VAT recovery helps maximize your VAT reclaims
  • Multilingual processing team is able to coordinate with the Tax Authorities in local language improves the effectiveness of our services
  • Complete Transparency, with Online status, available reports to give you full transparency on the status of your VAT reclaims
  • NO REFUND = NO FEES, We charge fees only on effective reclaims
Our services include
  • On-site Invoice retrieval services where we audit client’s international expense at their premises and identify each invoice that is eligible for VAT recovery
  • Self-retrieval services where we guide our clients through the invoice extraction process and cross-reference their findings using various reports to ensure that every eligible invoice has been located
  • Reissuing of incorrectly formatted or non-original invoices from the suppliers, where required
  • Processing and submission of foreign VAT claims in over 40 countries
  • Obtaining credit from suppliers/service providers in case of incorrectly charged VAT
  • Consultancy on VAT compliance requirements for any country across the globe.